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Antique Restoration Services

At Promax Wood Restoration & Renovation Ltd., we offer antique restoration services in Winnipeg. When you have antique furniture and you want to restore it to its former glory, we will assist you. Whether your family has owned the item of furniture for years and passed it down from one generation to the next or you found it while perusing a yard sale or flea market, we know that your furniture will benefit from our restoration services. From touch-ups to refinishing, we will help you out. Our services can only restore genuine wood furniture.

We also complete restoration services for fire and water damage. After years in your family, your furniture will feel like a member of the family. We know how heartbreaking it can be when there is a fire or flood and it damages your priceless heirlooms, and we want to make sure that you do not have to lose your beautiful furniture. 

Why delay on having your furniture touched up?

Furniture restoration

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